Getting Things DoneĀ®


Getting Things Done® (GTD®) is thé time and stress management method developed by David Allen who has been instrumental for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to regain control over their work and life. In this training we flesh out this method and show you how to use it in everyday life. After the training you have all the knowledge and resources you need to get started right away with this great method and start saving time and avoiding stress. 

Participating in the GTD training can result in the following: 

You learn how to work as effectively as possible.
You know how to process your email fast and have an empty inbox at the end of each day.
You gain insight into the best use of your calendar.
You overcome your tendency to procrastinate certain tasks.
More balance between work and personal life – both physically and mentally.
You rediscover that work can be real fun.
As a team you cooperate more reliable, with less tensions between team members.
Increase your chances to grow and to get promoted because you have become more productive and more decisively!

Power your purpose and passion

Sander Spanenburg

Do you sometimes feel a lack of purpose and passion in your (working) life? Would you like to experience more of this, without the need for major changes? During this training session, you will learn to apply the process steps that increase the level of purpose and passion you experience on a day-to-day basis. Via practical assignments you directly learn to apply the theory and create more intrinsic motivation for you and your team.

You will become better equipped to identify, develop and apply your core drivers and talents in your working and personal life. As team colleagues you will be better able to mutually adjust tasks, projects and general cooperation, to fully exploit each other’s intrinsic motivation. You will learn that even small insights and increments in motivators will have a beneficial effect on resilience, wellbeing and business results. This training can be provided in a one-day or a half-day session.

This training is conducted by career coach and HR consultant Sander Spanenburg. Sander has an MSc in Management of Change and 15+ years of experience in guiding individuals to generate more intrinsic motivation. Besides that he has extensive experience in developing and training employees within a vast range of (international) organisations.

Entrepreneurial thinking

Trainer: Esther Blom

Have you always marvelled at the brilliant way entrepreneurs seem to come up with their business ideas and successfully bring them to the market?
During this one-day training session, you learn how these ideas arise and how the chance for success can be optimized. Several practical methods are shared with you, along with some inspiring examples.

You will put theory into practice and come up with new business ideas yourself. Most people tend to think about start-ups only, when the terminology of entrepreneurship is brought forward. However, this training is at least as relevant for employees. Entrepreneurial thinking is beneficial to anyone, not only to those interested in starting their own business. Any employee can gain new opportunities, insights and motivation from entrepreneurial thinking. Give it a try and start thinking like an entrepreneur with your colleagues!

The training is given by former TU Delft lecturer Esther Blom. While at TU Delft she has gained valuable experience in educating diverse groups of people. In her trainings she states that besides maximizing profit, there must be considerate attention to proper entrepreneurship.

Create a mission and a vision

Trainer: Alexander de Haan

A good mission statement and a good vision give direction and clarity. They help the executive management and employees in taking decisions, making strategic plans and creating new solutions or opportunities. 

Mission statements and visions are powerful tools that offer clarity, stability and coherence in an organisation. They help employees at all levels. Good mission statements and visions offer a clear direction in which employees can design their plan of action. They offer a framework to everyone in which you can judge whether 'good calls' are being made.


In this training you learn how to create a targeted mission and vision statement which will give your organization a sense of direction. It is important that they are broad enough to allow manoeuvring room so that people’s individual, as well as the group expertise is used to its full potential. Using the directions defined by the upper management, clear courses of action are designed by managers or directors of for instance departments, production locations and sales.


Cooperation in your class & your team

Trainer: Suzan Valstar

Improve the cooperation in your team with this one-day training by playing two 'serious games’. By doing this you experience, observe and discuss the various aspects of working together. Based on these experiences and observations we analyse the cooperation within the team before we jointly
reflect on it in our own classroom.


The training tackles many aspects which are essential to optimize cooperation. The focus lies on trust: trust in yourself, in others and in your educational tasks. We also work on respecting each other’s emotions and appearance. Within your group you get to know everyones various talents and skills, which helps you to complete a mutual task together. 


You do all this by playing the games 'TeamUp' and ‘Play with Up Card’. You learn communication skills and how to have an effective and practical conversation. And last but not least, you learn how to get the job done and how to stimulate and support each other, by dividing clear tasks, monitoring individual's work and having team focus.


Sustainability: a business design

Trainer: Esther Blom

Sustainable entrepreneurship: should we consider this as a ‘trend’, an opportunity or something we cannot escape from anymore? Nowadays we see that businesses as well as NGO’s or governmental organisations want to do something sustainable, but find it difficult to determine what and how.

This activating training session brings forward the phenomenon of sustainable entrepreneurship in a very practical and applicable way. Everything will be illustrated with inspiring examples of organisations that succeeded well.

This training session inspires, motivates and activates!

One of the fundamentals of this training session is that you and your colleagues will be challenged to come up with initiatives for your own organisation that do not ‘just’ create financial value, but also value for society and nature. With the outcomes, you can potentially create new surprising forms of collaboration and contribute to the environment.

The training is given by Esther Blom who specializes in sustainable entrepreneurship. As an expert in this field, she closely works with companies that consider sustainability as one of their core values.

Discover your unique talent (and the talent of your colleagues)

Trainers: Karen Kammeraat & Yvette van Dok

Did you know that everyone has a unique talent? In our view it is not so much about WHAT you are good at, but about HOW you handle things in your own unique way. Some of us know exactly what our talent is. However, for most people it can truly be an eye-opener, simply because they are so used to being good at what they do and consider it to be normal.

During the training you discover your unique talent, which we visualize and contextualize with one word. Moreover, you uncover what currently inhibits you from using and displaying your talent to the fullest. Being aware of your own talent helps you to perform your tasks in a way that is most suitable for you, providing you with energy and focus.

Knowing your colleagues’ talents can result in improved cooperation. Tasks can be divided logically, you know who to turn to for specific questions and how you can help your colleagues use their full potential.

You can choose to follow a whole day of training or only half a day. In half a day you will discover your talent. During a whole day, everything comes together with a personal action plan in which you fully optimize your talent to get results in the workplace.

The training is given by Yvette van Dok and Karen Kammeraat, two skilled trainers with years of experience giving this particular training both in the Netherlands and internationally. Since two trainers are involved, individual attention is guaranteed making it all the more effective.